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Using Online Annuity Calculators When Researching Annuities

Categories: Annuity Education, Annuity Strategies, Finance

Annuity calculators can be found all over the internet. Most insurance companies and online annuity marketers offer some version of an annuity calculator on their website. These online tools make it easier to approximate how much your annuity will be worth at a future date, or how much your guaranteed monthly income payments will be, in the case of an immediate annuity or an annuity with an optional income rider attached.

AnnuityAdvantage offers an entire suite of broad based financial planning calculators as well as annuity specific calculators, including our proprietary Income Rider Calculator that will provide you with an instant estimate of guaranteed income beginning at a future date of your choosing. To learn more, please visit our Financial Calculators page.

Creating a comprehensive retirement income strategy is an important component of any retiree or pre-retiree’s overall financial plan. Annuity calculators are useful when you are putting together that income strategy and determining whether or not an annuity is right for your situation. You may want to consider such things as your future income goals after retirement, your risk tolerance and how long you have to save. If you are close to or already in retirement, you may want to consider if guaranteed income for life from an immediate annuity or income rider is attractive. Clarifying your goals can be difficult, so discussing them with an Annuity Specialist can help lead you to make better decisions.

The Annuity Specialists at AnnuityAdvantage have access to current rates and complete product details on hundreds of different annuity products. They also have the most powerful calculation and quoting software available and can provide you with dozens of annuity quotes, detailed analysis and comparison, as well as income rider illustrations in a matter of hours.

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